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That Grey Wall

That grey wall with cracks wide Stared back at me with the same demise

For what he was meant for He could hold no more His cherished glory meant to protect Was encumbered By the tiny cracks creeping in…

They crept through his veins Breaking his stoic stance, Leaving his core vulnerable Even to the slightest touch…

My once immune body Had now given away, To that which I presumed was a far-off sight

I had seen villages brought down And families broken. But to see my own wall crumble, Never had I fathomed.

I know those tiny cracks are creeping in, Through my veins Each time with my stifled breath, I know I am a second away, From the inevitable.

Yet I shall fight, Like that grey wall standing upright.

For a tiny ray of hope, Sings a tune That someday I could become immune

That somehow those tiny cracks will crawl no further Leaving me and that grey wall Although scarred yet unshattered…

Background: Watched a documentary on Ebola and how it took a toll over people, it was disheartening to see how quickly the virus could spread and there was no immediate cure. After much research, there are vaccines now to be tested still. Yet the people who lost their loved ones one by one, the damage is irreparable. You can watch the documentary in the following link:


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