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Lately, I have been screaming and shouting in my sleep, Dreaming of things I shouldn’t be

Flying snakes, Evil kids, Brainwashed people.

I am pulsating, Perspiring, hiding from a shadow That always seems to follow

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of things I shouldn’t be.

I am helpless I am tired, More tired of this fear that seems to swallow each part of me Little by little…

I look around, reach out for help, Yet all I see is stitched smiles and fake laughter Only to realize its all my own reflection multiplied and mocking me

Lately I’ve been dreaming of things I shouldn’t be

I try to run away faster and faster, But it will find me, I know No matter where I go That terrifying shadow Black and mighty will always follow

I try close my eyes and forget, Reminding myself it’s only just a nightmare, Yet I wake up in a sleep that doesn’t seem to end.

Sucking whirlpools Massive black holes Planets seem to collide

Lately I have been dreaming of things I shouldn’t be.

Sometimes its not so bad Sometimes I do gain the strength, To fight this shadow But appears and disappears at it’s own wish

That’s when I like it when the end is close, End is either the moon being only a few centimeters away Other times it’s an alien planet dropping volcanic rocks

The end is relief, ‘Cause no longer I have to fear a shadow I don’t know

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of things I shouldn’t be.

But I think these dreams aren’t just mine, These dreams are things we both see, You and me, Sometimes in sleep, sometimes in reality.


Not everyday, We own the smiles we fake. Not everyday, We are right about every decision we make.


It’s true, Sometimes, we are lost in an oblivion, We can’t define, It’s true, Reality is a sleep we can’t wake up from.


It’s time, To realize that nightmares are okay, That not all days are the same

It’s time, To accept the shadow we run from Is only our own…

Because lately we’ve been dreaming of things we shouldn’t be Rather let’s dream of things we could be…

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