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Live a life that justifies living

What does Life really mean? What does Living mean?

I've had existential questions ever since I was very young, questions that my parents preferred not to answer. Questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What's the point of all of this? I remember vividly when I was around twelve years old, I asked my Dad these questions, to which he retorted and replied, "You are Namrata Gurung, studying in Class 6th going to xyz School, etc." Just the way he replied seemed as though it was a question one is never supposed to ask. In hindsight, I've realized, that these are the very questions no one ever wants to ask themselves because it can start shattering beliefs and systems, strand by strand. But my Grandpa had seen it right from the very beginning: I never really stopped asking, Why and Why Not?

With more than two decades of self-introspective journey reading through hundreds of books, listening to podcasts, videos, discussing with similar minds, implementing new ideas iteratively to my own life; I've finally begun to find the loose end of strings that map out the answer.

In short: "There is a finite time between life and death, wherein both are pre-determined events. There is no inherent meaning to life, it is what you choose to give."

There is no perfect choice. Not everything that is societally acceptable is always right for you. The only person who can free yourself from you is you. You get to decide what life means and living means for yourself, and it isn't anyone else's to decide. The reins are yours to take and no one else's to manipulate. Unaware of our inner strengths, we're often molded into beings without consciousness. But that's also the day we stop truly living. We aren't alive but only breathing zombies occupying space. If we are meant to feel truly free and meant to be so much more, then
Why are we so trapped?

Image by Mohamed Nohassi
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