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LOL (Lots of Love) By Protein [ Impulse ]


14th Dec 2012 _ 7.30pm :

“Love is touch,

Touch is love…”

It’s that time of the year, when international companies tour India. When Delhi winters are pleasantly welcoming. It was Protein this time and their performance @ British Council under Impulse, (check: Now I’d seen few dance performances ever since I’d joined Danceworx but never had I laughed so much watching a dance performance ’cause I’d never seen a comedy theatrical dance performance yet (a genre that seems impossible, but not quite so, I realized. ) It wasn’t just dance or singing or talking or visual animation or storytelling, infact, it was an amalgamation of all and a highly entertaining one, you never got to realize when those 70 mins got over.  It sent across a message and depicted wonderfully the virtual electronic world we live in, Facebook, Twitter, IMs, Whatsapp. It makes you think how we’ve been swept into a highly speedy world that zips across without allowing time for substantial emotional development or rather too much of assumption into letters which never convey feelings exactly. It’s lonely, it’s confusing, it’s tricky, it’s loaded, it’s heavy and it’s shallow. Bustling horns and voices scream through your restless thoughts, and in the end, all you really want is time for introspection, time to recuperate from a mindless race to something humane. Protein did a fantastic job that made you rethink about certain things you take for granted, it makes you pause and look at life again. Do check ’em out @

Protein (LOL)


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