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“We are one,

Only different forms of each other”

The ecosystem we live in, is a perfectly balanced one, something we’ve been studying ever since we started drawing the food chain in our classwork copies. Therein, we noticed the interdependence of animals, nature and humans : be it the geographical demarcation of forests, oceans, rivers or the ecological interlink of human life, wildlife and marine life or the historic movements such as the Chipko Movement or even economic scales varying with different forms of agriculture and livestock farming or even apart from physical dependence, psychologically too, our everyday interaction with our pets, we are weaved in this pattern of interdependence, wherein nature and we live in a humble symbiotic relationship. However, time has come when man’s greed has made him bother about only his own selfish existence, causing many species to be extinct and many endangered. We have turned a blind eye towards nature’s magnanimity and become complacent and disrespectful. Although many a souls, like those working in the Nairobi National Park, WWE, other ngos and sanctuaries safeguard the existing biodiversity, a genuine reverence needs to be instilled in hearts and minds of all.

From waters to the skies,

Land and life,

As  we peacefully breathe in our biosphere :

Lithos, Hydro, Atmos combined.

Warp and woof underplays…

With all these elements in mind, I drew this A3 size (29.7 x 42.0cm) sketch, first with pencil outlines, then giving background with sketchpens (blue, yellow, red), adding the details with black marker and the final shades with crayons (vermillion hue, dark violet and cerulean blue hue). It took about 12 hours to complete it (not that I keep an account of time while sketching, but approximately so, as I divided the project into 2 parts, wherein the first day I did pencil outlines and background filling and 2nd day, the final finishing).






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