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Be personally accountable | Be continuously introspective | Be actively non-judgmental | Unpack conflicts calmly | Respect the Spirit of the Rules 

Management | Social Media Lead | Youth Engagement Leader | NGO Partnership Coordinator | Blogmaster | Coach | Mentor | Field Expert |

As a multipotentialite, Namrata always dreamed of a million possibilities for herself and the world around her. But she soon realized, this wasn’t the case for many, there were certain societal barriers, sometimes depending only on the luck where one was born. The unfairness, discrimination, and exploitation bothered her. But to begin making a difference in the world, one has to begin from oneself. So, for over a decade now, she’s been intensively involved in volunteering in education, speaking for human rights, promoting women in science, mentoring youth volunteers, and networking with like-minded change-driven force of humanity. Her life mission is to spread the same energy, hope, love, and light to ignite the fire in every individual of what is possible.

Namrata is an Indian citizen, currently residing in Aargau, and recently finished her Doctoral studies in Physics from Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


There were often smirks, and sarcastic comments stating, "Look at her, trying to save the world" with inherent implications of "What a waste of time". And it's true, there were times when I questioned myself the same, when it felt like I was pushing against a wall. But on the other hand, for every single life I influenced positively, it injected another spike of life inside of me. It wasn't the world I wanted to save, but myself, and in the process, hopefully, others. To save my own idea of idealness, and realizing that it was the journey towards it that mattered and not the destination. Having pursued along the path of social impact immaterial of the naysayers, and having engaged with people with missions and visions in different fields of social impact for over a decade, I recently stumbled upon some people, who were along the same journey, working towards a mission and vision, so ideal, that I wondered if they had actual action plans around it. And I realized, not just action plans, their whole lives had been centered around it. Rumi's words literally echoed in my head, and I can't be more grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside these creative active visionaries. Happy to introduce you all to Spirit of the Game Foundation, a foundation enabling impact solutions via a global network of NGOs, impact startups and impact investors.

Happy to connect with anyone, who'd like to know more about our work :)

#KeepWalking #KeepBelieving #socialimpact #impactnetwork #humansofsotg

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